Atmastel - Cucina Italiana: a modern casual restaurant dedicated to crafting pure, authentic Italian flavours with the finest and freshest ingredients. The culinary team is helmed by Andrea Tarini, an Italian chef with a 3-Michelin-star background. The space showcases an open-concept kitchen where all the magic takes place, a pizza bakery, Crudo (cold cuts and cheese) and drinks bar with a well-stocked retail section with over 70 varieties of artisanal cold cuts, cheeses, wines and condiments.

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Italian Easter with Lamb Specials

Italian Easter with Lamb Specials

Celebrate Easter in traditional Italian Style! From centuries, rоаѕtеd lamb has been a trаdіtіоnаl dеlісасу fоr uѕhеrіng in the ѕрrіng ѕеаѕоn...

11:30 AM Friday - 14 April 2017

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