Frequently Asked Questions:
ATMASTEL Membership ‘Red’ Card and
Rewards Program


How do I join the Program and obtain a card?

Simply go to an ATMASTEL Restaurant outlet in Singapore, and with your first purchase ask the staff to join ATMASTEL Membership Program. You will be asked to input some information on an iPad, and the staff will give you a Card, with a username and a temporary password to access the member portal at

Can I register more than once to the Program?

No. The card and the account are linked to one physical person profile only.

Is there a fee to join the Program?

No. There is no membership fee required to join the ATMASTEL Rewards Program. All you have to do is to go to ATMASTEL and ask the staff to be enrolled into the program.

When do I get my free coffee/tea?

Upon payment of the first bill and registration into the program, providing the minimum required information, a welcome gift of 1 coffee/tea will be awarded into the Member’s account.

When the Member subsequently complete his full profile information at, another welcome gift of 2 coffees/tea will be awarded into the Member’s account.

Another coffee/tea will be awarded to the Member every 5 visits and bills paid.

Can I complete my full Profile Information at the restaurant?

As soon as you receive your card and your Account Username and temporary password, you can complete your Profile Information at, connecting from any device.

How do I earn ATMASTEL Dollars (AT$)?

You will earn AT$ and receive rewards by simply presenting your ATMASTEL Card to the staff before paying the bill at the ATMASTEL Restaurant. For every S$10 you spend, you will earn 1 AT$. AT$ is earned only through in-store purchases.

How do I use ATMASTEL Dollars?

AT$ are used to:

  1. offset the bill on dining
  2. offset the bill on retail and display items

How many ATMASTEL Dollars do I have to earn to redeem discounts and gifts?

As soon as you start earning AT$, you can use them on your next purchase/visit to offset the bill on dining or retail items. 

Can I split the bill with another Member to split the ATMASTEL Dollars awarded?

Yes, remember to communicate this request to the staff when you ask for the bill.

Can I earn ATMASTEL Dollars on another promotion or special discounted item?

Yes, you can earn AT$ based on the net value of the promotion purchase (net of discounts).

Can I use ATMASTEL Dollars to offset the bill on another promotion or special discounted item?

You can use AT$ to offset the total bill, excluding the redemption items and promotions / discounted items (e.g.: ATMASTEL’s Happy Hour ‘Triple Take’ Promotion’).

When is my card expiring?

Your ATMASTEL card does not expire and has a lifetime value. You do not need to worry about renewing your membership.

When are my ATMASTEL Dollars expiring?

Your AT$ expire one year after you collected them, so they can be redeemed only before their expiry date.

How do I keep track of my ATMASTEL Dollars and gifts that I can redeem?

You can log into your account at the member portal at