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Thank you, the Business Times, for featuring Chef Andrea Tarini as Chef of April in the Weekend Issue! Read below for the article by Editor Rachel Loi.


Three chefs – from Australia, China and Italy – who honed their skills in Europe are now in Singapore heading new eateries.

8-9 April 2017

By Rachel Loi

Andrea Tarini’s love affair with food is just as classically Italian as his cooking. He grew up with a nonna (Italian for “grandmother”) who was a whiz in the kitchen, and learnt to cook from her as a boy.

“I would spend time with her in the summers when I didn’t have to go to school, and she fed me some of the best food I ever had in my life. I still clearly remember the taste of all the very genuine and fresh products that came from her farm, so when I eventually joined the industry, my palate was already well-trained,” says the 49-year-old chef.

He eventually attended culinary school in Italy and opened his restaurant at age 21. Though it closed seven years later, he continued working in kitchen and was at the two-Michelin-starred restaurant Uliassi for 12 years. Early this year however, Chef Tarini found himself in Singapore after being told about a job opening as executive chef of the newly-opened Atmastel at South Beach.

At the restaurant, he serves what he calls authentic Italian food, and even incorporated some of his family recipes like his grandfather’s homemade pork sausages that go with a fresh garganelli pasta and spicy tomato sauce (S$21.50). Fresh pasta is, after all, his nonna’s speciality. She used to make tagliatelle and ragout with fresh eggs and meat from their own poultry farm back in their hometown of Mondolfo, he recalls.

“When I first arrived at Singapore, I tried a lot of Italian restaurants here and found that a lot of it wasn’t real Italian cuisine. They accommodate the locals a lot, and I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not. But I personally want to give people and experience of real Italian-made food, and that’s my challenge,” he says.

The Business Times Weekend - The Grand Tour

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