Atmastel: Purist of Italian Cuisine

The Purist of Italian Cuisine

We’re passionate about seriously good Italian food.

We believe in serving the full experience of Italian food to our guests – comforting, familiar, fulfilling, authentic, and handcrafted. From foods prepared with the freshest and highest-quality ingredients to using techniques to draw out the best natural flavours from the produce and making harmonious compositions with them.

As such, many of the ingredients used at Atmastel ranging from San Marzano tomatoes, San Daniele prosciutto to fresh burrata air flown weekly from Puglia, Italy has been certified to be “DOP”.


What does DOP mean?

DOP is short for Denominazione di Origine Protetta (literally “Protected Designation of Origin”). As the name suggests, this certification ensures that products are grown and packaged in Italy. It makes a promise to the consumer: It’s a guarantee that the food was made by local farmers and artisans, using traditional methods. In fact, by law, only DOP products like balsamic vinegar can carry the word “traditional” on their labels, because they adhere to local traditions.

The DOP label may bring a higher price tag with it, but it also promises the highest quality!

For an authentic taste of Italy, book your table here or call us at 6581 0085. Our staff is ready to fulfill all your requests and make your dinner perfect!

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